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Four Christmas Recitations

Ever since Luke the Evangelist told the Christmas story, many years ago, the Christmas season has brought out the best in literary composition.  Writers from Clement Moore to Charles Dickens to Theodore Geisel have told of the characters, the tales, and the traditions that have gone into the making of our greatest holiday.  Their characters, […]

Thanksgiving in America

From our starting point at President Roosevelt’s 1941 State of the Union speech and Norman Rockwell’s subsequent series of wonderful illustrations, the “Four Freedoms”, we trace the history of Thanksgiving, from Pilgrim beginnings through the annual Presidential pardoning of the Thanksgiving turkey.  After a look at some familiar holiday sights and traditions, we’ll finish with […]

A Charles Dickens Christmas

One of the best-beloved stories of Christmas was published in 1843 by English author Charles Dickens.  Weaving a masterful tale of miserly Ebenezer Scrooge with the ghost of his old partner, Marley, and his shivering clerk, Bob Cratchit, Dickens spirits us on a memorable visit to the Ghosts of Christmases Past, Present, and Future.  We […]

Love Songs Through the Ages

Music is a wonderful vehicle for the expression of feeling, the most notable example of which is the love song.  This program is a romp through centuries of love songs, beginning with a hieroglyphic specimen from an Egyptian tomb of 1500 B.C., the lyrics of which show that things haven’t changed much in the love […]

Oktoberfest: Polkas and Waltzes

Oktoberfest begins near the end of September.  From Munich, Bavaria, to New Ulm, Minnesota, they’ll be hopping and gliding to the accordion tunes of the Hoop-de-doo Polka, Blue Skirt Waltz, Waltz Across Texas, Springtime in the Rockies, Tennessee Waltz, and Who Stole the Kishka.   The celebration dates from the marriage of King Ludwig I and […]

Mother’s Day

Ancient Rome, Julia Ward Howe, and Anna Jarvis all had the same idea, to honor mothers with a special day, for which, in modern times, we set aside the second Sunday in May.  Here’s a program to honor the mothers among us.  We will see how mothers have influenced the course of history, join in […]

Old Ireland: Lilting Songs and Blarney Stones

Here’s a great St. Patrick’s Day program:  Take a tour of famed Blarney Castle, with it’s Cromwellian history, dungeon, “Witches Kitchen”, “Wishing Steps”, and “Murder Hole.”  Imagine yourself dangling upside down to kiss the famous Blarney Stone!  Then join me in singing a selection of those delightful Irish songs, like, “My Wild Irish Rose”, “When […]

Those Wonderful Christmas Songs

Did you ever wonder where some of those wonderful Christmas songs came from?  They came from the hearts and minds of a wide range of travelers, Tin Pan Alley writers, ministers, and just plain ordinary folks, who, by putting their thoughts, feelings, and experiences into words and music, have blessed us through the centuries.  In […]

Toys and Games

Some of our fondest childhood hours were spent with dolls, puzzles, wagons, and roller skates.  There was magic under the Christmas tree, in the shape of Jacob’s Ladders, Authors card games, Tinkertoys, and a host of other toys and games popular in years gone by.  This program takes us back to explore the histories of […]

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