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The White House: America’s First Home

Since 1800, when John Adams moved in and Abigail hung out her wash in the East Room, the White House has been the home of our presidents.  Through the years it has been rebuilt, rearranged, remodeled, and redecorated, while history has unfolded in and around it.  We’ll look at historical views of the White House, […]

The Wit and Wisdom of Norman Rockwell: Children and Growing Up

Everyone remembers those wonderful Saturday Evening Post covers illustrated by the great artist Norman Rockwell.  Rockwell was not only a skilled illustrator, but a keen observer of human nature and a marvelous teller of stories.  In this program, we look at Rockwell’s history, his development as an artist, his illustrative techniques, and the visual stories […]

The Wakefield Autograph Book: Congress in 1884

On a visit to the Faribault County Historical Society I found, on a desk that had belonged to James B. Wakefield, a noted citizen of the county, an old autograph book, of a kind commonly kept in the Nineteenth Century.  This one, however, was different.  Mr. Wakefield had represented his Minnesota district in the United […]

The U. S. Capitol: Hallowed Halls of Democracy

Few public buildings have a history as rich and fraught with significance as the U.S. Capitol Building.  The ghosts of famous names from the past look down from the walls and stalk the halls:  statesmen, power brokers, inquisitors, and pioneers, fresh from the wilderness.  The building itself, since the laying of its cornerstone in 1793, […]

Under the Big Top in 1898

Who doesn’t love a circus?  When my great great uncle Jimmy McIndoo joined it for the 1898 season as the giant “Boy Wonder,” the Forepaugh Sells Circus rivaled the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey for the title “Greatest Show On Earth,” traveling by rail with hundreds of performers and roustabouts to cities all across […]

The Tin Lizzie: Mr. Ford’s Model T

2008 marked the 100th anniversary of the Model T Ford.  Hear how Henry Ford revolutionized automobile production, putting auto ownership within the reach of ordinary folks and transforming American society in the process.  See how the Ford operation grew, and how the nation embraced the “Tin Lizzie.”  Pictures of early autos, creative uses of the […]

The Statue of Liberty: Beacon of Hope

In 1886, America celebrated the unveiling of “Liberty Enlightening the World,” or, as we know it, the Statue of Liberty.  Since then, from its pedestal in New York Harbor, the statue has welcomed millions of immigrants to a new world and freedom.  We follow the statute’s fascinating story, from its conception by sculptor Frédéric Bartholdi […]

Toys and Games

Some of our fondest childhood hours were spent with dolls, puzzles, wagons, and roller skates.  There was magic under the Christmas tree, in the shape of Jacob’s Ladders, Authors card games, Tinkertoys, and a host of other toys and games popular in years gone by.  This program takes us back to explore the histories of […]

School Days: The Rural School In America

Once there were over 200,000 one room country schoolhouses dotting the landscape of America.  A very few of them are still open, many are dozing vacantly in some township corner, shedding chimney bricks and wooden shingles on the way to eventual destruction, but most are gone, swallowed by adjacent cornfields. But what visions those doddering […]

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