Follow the Flag!

From the Revolutionary War to the present, the American Flag has thrilled patriotic hearts.   Ever since June 14, 1777, when it was adopted by Congress, the flag has been the visual representation of our country.   It has changed over the years, as new states have been added, but after 200 years we’re still cheering for the Red, White, and Blue and rallying round it and waving its Stars and Stripes as lustily and as teary-eyed  as ever.

The Flag has had quite a history.  It has been to Iwo Jima, Mt. Everest, Ground Zero, and even the Moon.  Like the nation, the flag has had its sorrows, lying in state on the caskets of presidents and soldiers, and suffering indignities at the hands of ungrateful domestic protesters and angry foreigners.

In this program, we’ll check out the legend that the Stars and Stripes were born in the parlor of Betsy Ross’s home in Philadephia and follow the tracks of the Mary Pickersgill version that flew over Ft. McHenry in Baltimore in 1814, was immortalized in Francis Scott Key’s “Star Spangled Banner”, and eventually ended up in the Smithsonian Institute’s National Museum of American History.  We’ll sing our nation’s national anthem and some other great songs about the flag and hear stories about the composers, and we’ll see how the flag has fared in other artistic media.   A great program for those patriotic holidays!



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